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Teach, Care, Love.

Teaching is tough enough, but the last two years have been an extremely challenging time for teachers as they face incredible stress, fear and instability trying to navigate teaching through a global pandemic. I know, because I did it. I taught for almost 20 years in multiple schools across three continents but this was by far the most heartbreakingly exhausting time of my career. Teachers are weary, depleted and quite frankly burnt out…but we are teachers, so we keep going right?

After finding the healing power of yoga at the beginning of the pandemic, I wanted to share the benefits to my coworkers and so started a yoga program just for teachers. My teaching comrades described feeling a sense of relaxation, calm and reduction in stress that focused their needs instead of everyone else's. We are teachers, so it’s ingrained in our nature to put others first, but how can you pour from an empty vessel. If you need to develop strategies for self care, increase your energy, create time for calm, improve sleep and reduce need

Teach, Care, Love. A gentle, mindful movement and breathwork program designed for teachers by a teacher. You will receive a discount and access to monthly freebies including playlists, meditations, and student resources. All teachers signing up in January also can gift one free month to a coworker!

Your monthly package includes access to four evening classes (60 minutes duration) per month. Classes take place on Tuesdays via Zoom. 

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Group classes:
Flex, Stretch, Strengthen.

A mindful, energetic flow that will increase the heart rate and get your body moving in a healthy and holistic way.

- Increase flexibility to relieve tired, achy bodies and release tension.
- Feel stronger, less tired, recover faster from other exercise and improve mobility.
- Increase energy and get rid of the lethargy we have all experienced during the pandemic.
- Develop an inclusive and accessible yoga practice that will equip you with strategies that serve your mental and emotional and mental health.

This monthly package gives you access to four Thursday evening classes (60 minutes duration) per month. 

These classes are designed for Yogi fans of all stages.

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Yoga Your Way - Private classes

Yoga Kinship provides a bespoke practice for individuals, partners, groups and corporate events. We begin with a consultation that is both through and personalized in order to assess your lifestyle and address your personal wellness goals. Through designing a tailored yoga journey we can meet your exact needs. Feedback, alignment support and additional consultations are part of our process and allow your practice to be responsive and achieve your required results.

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