Private Client

I woke up this morning with more energy after our session. I am remembering to breathe and I realized when I was doing the dishes my back wasn't hurting! Thank you so much.

Private Client

I always feel better after our class. I look forward to our time every week because I know I will feel calm and relaxed after and I am more grounded. It has been great to focus on settling my mind and learning how to feel less panicked.

Private Client

I am so happy with the progress. I notice my hips opening and the work we have been doing to improve my three leg dog and balance has been great. I see and feel the difference, so exciting.

Private Prenatal Client

Thank you for another wonderful class. I actually fell asleep at the end with the body scan. The stretches you gave me have helped so much with spasms in my legs and I feel so much better after our practice. I would recommend your prenatal course to all new-to-be mothers.

Group Class

Just needed you to know how much I loved yesterday's yoga class. It just happened to open up the places I needed most I guess. That butterfly stretch modification you did has changed my life! Thank you. Thank you!

Group Class

I've really been loving your classes! You are amazing! The music has been perfect and I feel energized or relaxed after class. The Tuesday classes are right on par with the amount of energy I have on a Tuesday after teaching. I'm just so happy to have found your online practice through the PD day after break!

Pre-COVID I practiced hot yoga and took different workout classes regularly, but don't feel safe to do that in person again right now. I haven't done much exercise of any kind since before the big quarantine a couple of years ago. My goal is to get back into practice and get back on track with my physical health and wellbeing. Your classes are a huge help with that goal!

Diane Meinhart

So, I have not exercised, aside from walking, in two years. I'm not very limber at the moment, but after hearing about how beneficial yoga was, I'm so glad I tried. It has really made a difference to me physically and mentally. After each session, and when I find 5 or 10 minutes to do some on my own, I relax and find momentary peace. It's wonderful!